Study Abroad and Study Away Opportunities

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Programs through the Center for International Programs that can relate to Environmental Stewardship and Environmental Studies Concentration

from Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Executive Director of the CIP

Most of these programs do not have explicit courses related to environmental studies. However, many of programs draw connections through different entry points including coursework, internship opportunities, and Integrative Cultural Research Project (ICRPs).

Study Abroad

  • Australia: ICRP, science courses, indigenous studies component
  • Brazil: program focuses on economic inequality, indigenous land, volunteer component could be with a local environmental NGO
  • Cali, Columbia: Afro-Colombian rights and marginalization—environmental racism
  • Costa Rica: the country is invested in national parks and land preservation, the program has a relationship with an organic farm 1 hour from San Jose
  • Cuba: political isolation of Cuba from the US—environmental injustice
  • Ecuador: ICRP, Galapagos tourism impact on land, food/farming, indigenous land usage in Amazon
  • France: ICRP. Organic farms in the Clemont region & selling at market, geological interest in volcano, water reclamation, Strasburg is home to EU government functions
  • Germany: ICRP w/Forestry department working on forest management with landowners, long history of government policy surrounding recycling, organic food movement happened early.  
  • Greece: conservation, forestry
  • India: sustainable development in mountain environments, organic farm and seed bank, basic and applied environmental research
  • Israel be’er Sheva: water rights, desert ecology, Kibbutz—agricultural collective
  • Italy: Any courses offered at American University Rome
  • Japan: Hikone ICRP
  • Jordan: internship could be at an environmental NGO (broadly)
  • Kenya: internship & ICRP components, water access
  • Scotland: large selection of coursework, no formal internship
  • Senegal: ICRP deforestation, water, sustainable foodways—there is not farming everywhere in so they depend on imports
  • Catares, Spain: water, cork trees, ecology preserves
  • Thailand: ICRP, seed bank, bean to cup coffee co-op, sustainable agriculture in villages, sustainable architecture on the ISDSI campus
  • Madrid: ICRP, birding
  • Trinidad: Women in development, impact of oil infrastructure, distribution of oil profits

Study Away

  • DC & Philly program: centered around internship, very flexible & open ended
  • Border program: connected to an NGO, people focused, immigration, indigenous communities.
  • Chicago: Students engage with environmental justice through internship placement

Compiled in Winter 2019, subject to change.