Environmental Stewardship Intern Job Description

Environmental Stewardship Interns work with the Environmental and Sustainability Programs at Kalamazoo College to plan and support environmental programming, marketing and communication with the campus community. The Interns will work closely with the Environmental Stewardship Center, Climate Action Plan. Environmental Studies and related organizations. This is a one-year position for the 2024-2025 academic year with an expectation of 5-7 hours per week.

This position will include:   

  • Act as a representative for the Environmental Stewardship Center end Climate Action Plan Committee  
  • Stay up to date with environmental positions, groups, events, initiatives on campus   
  • Plan, advertise and facilitate various events throughout the year which could include:
    • Green spaces tour during Orientation  
    • Climate Action Plan First Year Forum  
    • Harvest Celebration in collaboration with the Center for Civic Engagement and Critical Ethnic Studies 
    • Environmental alumni panel  
    • Sustainability SIP Symposium  
    • A Better Way to K Days 
  • Climate Action Plan:
    • Attend and participate in Climate Action Plan Committee meetings (Mondays at 11am). Rotate note taking responsibilities.   
    • Organize and advertise open Climate Action Plan Committee meetings (one per term) 
  • Communications & marketing:
    • Contribute to a year-long social media plan  
    • Manage social media accounts (in collaboration with other ESC interns)  
    • Edit & maintain websites (ESC, Sustainability, Environmental Studies). Keep campus calendar up to date with weekly and one-time events  
    • Connect with environmental programs to find stories to share 
    • Write & publish blog posts for the sustainability at K website  

We are looking for someone who…  

…is excited for a position that connects the Climate Action Plan to the campus through digital and in person platforms and events  

…will connect with departments and student groups across campus  

…will work both collaboratively with students/faculty/staff and independently  

…can set and maintain a consistent work schedule  

…has already participated in ERAACE training, or will attend the next offered ERAACE training at Kalamazoo College  

This is an in-person position with occasional remote work. There will be approximately 5-7 hours per week during academic terms with optional hours during winter and spring breaks. Training will occur on September 13-14th in Kalamazoo.  

Preference will be given to Work Study students and first year/sophomore students. 

Applications open Thursday 5/16 and close on Monday 5/27 at midnight. Check out the CCPD’s References and Recommendations website for tips to create or edit your application materials.

Questions? Contact: Greta.Farley@kzoo.edu or Sara.Stockwood@kzoo.edu