Fellowship Descriptions

Campus Gardening Fellowship

The Center for Environmental Stewardship seeks a Summer Campus Gardening Fellow. Environmental Stewardship Fellows will receive a $500/week stipend for fellowship projects between 4 and 8 weeks duration (each week is expected to be 32-40 hours of work).

The 2021 Summer Campus Gardening Fellow will be responsible for the summer management of the Hoop house Gardens at Kalamazoo College and provide assistance with the Jolly Garden as well. Responsibilities will include daily monitoring of the Hoop house to assess plant and soil health, checking on physical operating systems, and working with the fellowship mentor, Amy Newday, to develop weekly management plans that will keep the Hoop house growing productively over the summer and ready for students to return in the fall. Necessary maintenance tasks may include: watering, weeding, harvesting, planting, cultivating, and responding to pest and disease problems. The Summer Fellow will also assist Jane Hoinville in the Jolly Garden for a few hours a week. If you are interested in this position, please contact Amy Newday at anewday@kzoo.edu so that she can help you put together a learning proposal as a part of your application for this position.

In addition to the daily maintenance of campus gardens, the Summer Fellow will be managing several ongoing projects in the campus gardens that will provide opportunities for them to deepen their learning around food justice and soveriengty. These may include:

  1. Food distribution to local food security programs depending on the bounty of our harvest (opportunity to learn more about food security & justice in Kalamazoo)
  2. Care for newly planted native perennial plant gardens (opportunity to learn about native perennial species and plant/insect interactions)
  3. Social media and connections with Kalamazoo College and Kalamazoo community

The focus of this fellowship can be tailored to your personal learning goals! You don’t need to have previous experience, just a passion for learning from plants. If this sounds at all exciting to you, please contact Amy Newday to talk about possibilities.

Applications are due April 10