Gardening in Community Pre/Reflection

We will engage in a three-step reflection process to help us deepen our learning and share our learning with each other. The three steps are:

  1. Muse/Reflect individually (weekly)
  2. Share our reflections with each other in weekly conversations (weekly)
  3. Re-vision our reflections and submit them to the CES (weekly)

We should expect that this reflection process will take a significant amount of time each week and plan for it in our schedules. I encourage us to think about this as a gift of time for us to be present for our own growth processes and to support each other. I also want to invite us to explore different mediums for reflection, including words/images/music/movement/art/etc. with the acknowledgement that different ways of connecting with our thoughts and feelings can lead to different insights and ways of knowing that are truly valuable.